What I didn't mention in my concert post is that I have basically spent my life savings (slight exaggeration) on music through iTunes.

This is foolish for a number of reasons:
  1. If I comparison shopped at Walmart (though I hate to shop there) and Amazon, I could probably save a few bucks.
  2. Amazon's music also comes in MP3 format, which iTunes doesn't, and is much more universally compatible.
  3. I've worked a total of 7 hours this month. Meaning I've made less than $200. That isn't to say I'm broke...I saved money knowing this time would come, but still it's probably not the opportune time to spend lots of money frivolously.
That all said, I have been enjoying listening to some new music, and I can still think of a handful of albums I would really like to buy.

Maybe if I can find them for the $7 or $8 I can justify it.

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