This past Saturday I spent time visiting with family at the island cabin. It's a place that has been in around much longer than I have been alive.

I can remember back to the years before running water, when we made use of a water pump and pails, and used an outhouse. True story.

My uncle was visiting with his new family from MA, so we hung out, messed around, and "initiated" my new cousin Ty.

We abandoned him at a playground.

Now before you go getting your panties in a twist, you should probably know that he is 15 years of age, not an infant as the playground suggests.

Which is why we are waiting until his younger brother Payton matures before we initiate him.

While Ty was busy traipsing around the playground without touching the ground, the rest of us snuck off to the car leaving him chasing our exhaust.

For all of a couple hundred yards. What can I say, we are ruthless.

Hopefully sometime in the near future I'll share some pictures, but I have to get them off my camera first.

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  1. My family also expresses our love for one other by doing tortuous things under the guise of an "initiation" or "right of passage." The best part is if you actually piss someone off doing it, you can just defend yourself with "It builds character!"