Arts & Crafts

Yesterday was arts and crafts day here in my neck of Costa Rica.

I went to work with my friend, the hostess with the mostest. She is a teacher's assistant at a private school, the European School, and they are getting ready for a new school year starting Monday (after a month-long break).

Since it's pretty much always summer here, they have no need for a long summer vacation. Instead, schools break for just over a month in July and around Christmas, and has a two week break at the end of each quarter.

Unlike back home, where students are responsible for bringing their own school supplies, here everything is provided. This prep week for school has been spent decorating notebooks (to hide logos and other unfortunate blemishes) as well as decorating rooms and bulletin boards.

Yesterday I got to join in the fun. We finished the dictation and language arts notebooks.

We decorated the bulletin board and created small people for each of the kids to decorate and add to the board.

I had fun and got to put my craftiness (?) to use.

The plan for the afternoon was a visit to INBioparque, but it rained pretty much all morning so instead we opted for laundry, dinner and a movie (not in that order). We'll head to the park today.

Tomorrow morning, we'll wake up nice and early (or just early) for a drive out to the Monte Verde region. This area has a rain forest and we'll hopefully get to see a number of cool animals here. (and make it out alive)

Unfortunately that about marks the end of my trip here to Costa Rica.

Then it's back home to....summer.

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