It's years later and I finally have played with, and am ready to share, some of my favorite pics from Costa Rica.

Which is good for you, the reader, because you no longer have to read me saying that I'll have them done "someday."

You are welcome.

Before I throw up the pictures, maybe even with a few captions (if I don't get bored first), I have a quick, but amusing (I hope) story for you.

My sister and I went to The Ugly Truth tonight. The movie isn't the point of the story, just some context. We were walking into a theatre when we heard someone yell "excuse me." Being the good citizens we are, and obvious idiots--who stops in the dark for someone running up behind them--we stopped. The young lassie then inquired whether either of us were over 21. My sister, who is 20, immediately says no. After a minute hesitation I also reply, "no," and we walk away.

On July 25, I turned 24. But "no" seemed easier than battling over whether or not I would buy minors alcohol. What can I say? I'm a wimp.

Anyways, back to the regularly scheduled programming: pictures.
At one of the beaches we visited, my host hitting the waves.

Tiny figurines at the gold musuem in San Jose. Seriously, they were smaller than my pinkie.

A flower of some sort from our stay in Costa Rica, and no it's not a tulip.

Mr. Iguana who had places to go and people to see (or not see, as he would have preferred).

An adorable goat at INBioparque, a nature conservatory. (Can goats be adorable?)

A tree trunk (duh!)...who knew they were so colorful.

These two were just too cute. Sorry for the lack of focus on the main subjects--that was me trying to be stealth with the camera.

More cuteness in the form of bunnies.

Coffee! Who knew that's what it actually looked like.

Okay, seriously--scout's honor and all that--I won't talk about Costa Rica anymore. Or at least until I recollect a really good story or two.


  1. My favorite story would have to be you having to go tandem on the zip line tour with the guy on his honeymoon. Good times!

  2. Très belle sélection de photos. J'aime beaucoup.