A Full Load

I've been visiting family the past few days, in the town where I went to college.

Well, actually 15 miles outside of the town where I went to college. I really enjoyed having home cooked meals so close by.

I'd say it was also great for doing laundry, but the truth is I've never lived somewhere that didn't have a washer and dryer. Seriously.

The days have been filled with eating, drinking, cooking, visiting fabric stores (my mom and aunt are currently on a quilting kick and I'm taking full advantage.), visiting my grandmother, and other miscellaneous activities.

Today our big task was going through our storage unit. I lived with my cousin for the last year and a half of college and shoved my stuff into a storage unit (or rather, they did...I just got back in time to help clean) under the assumption that I was only staying at my parents short-term. It's been almost a year now.

Luckily my sister has taken a number of things for her new house in a city just over an hour away. My cousin is moving out of her parents' house. And I'm finally taking some of my stuff home.

And boy, I have way more than I realized. My room back home is about to get a lot more crowded.

I have two sets of dishes, a box of spices (?), another down comforter, a basket of random crap, a couple tubs of "stuff" that I brought over last fall, candles, a few pieces of art and who knows what else.

Let me just say that our apartment was much larger than most. We were pretty spoiled.

But for now I'm just focusing on driving a very stuffed car across the state without doing damage to the breakables.

That's enough for today.

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