Yep, I'm Weird

A few weeks ago, my blog friend Krysten tagged me in her "I'm Weird" post, a weekly feature that talks about why she is weird and names a few of her other favorite "weirdos." At least, I'm pretty sure that's what it's about.

I definitely qualify as weird. Or so I've been told. Here are a few reasons why:

  • I really just need to be organized in my life (i.e. to do lists, lots of folders on my computer, and a closet organized by color). The movies where I stayed with my mom and sister were in no particular order (how can they not be alphabetized?!) and it just made me itch. 
  • I am irrationally fearful of earthquakes, usually it comes out while driving in tunnels or over bridges. Mostly I try keep it to myself. I also used to be freaked out by the dark at night--no joke--I can let those old fears bubble to the surface if I let myself.
  • I never brush my hair. I've probably shared this before, but it's still true. I don't even own a brush.
  • I am a total sports nerd and cannot wait for the Olympics this summer. I can talk basketball, football, some hockey, baseball, and golf, and love college level sports. But the Summer Olympics are my absolute favorite. You better believe I'll be living in front of my TV for a couple weeks, unless I'm in class.
  • I have never really been able to nap, like since I was a baby. Just ask my poor mother. And I hate that I can't now. There are so many times I'd just like to get a little rest and know it won't happen.
I'm stopping the list there, because five seems like a nice number, but that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my weirdness. And I've probably shared some of these before, but I can't really remember so enjoy them again!

What makes you weird? Or are you just shaking your head at me? :)


  1. I just have to add that you are (and always have been) addicted to patterns. You ALWAYS look for them and are happier when you find them. Definitely weird!

  2. I can't wait for the Olympics either ... it's the only reason I am keeping my cable package right now. Haha.

  3. My pictures are in albums in complete chronological order (down to the hour- always), shelves are super organized, books/cookbooks are always ordered by size, etc. Yet, I have clothes all over my bedroom floor.

    I don't get it.

  4. I have a completely irrational fear of chalk, which I learned is called Calxophobia. Even thinking about it right now makes me shudder...

  5. I also organize my clothes by color. It's easier that way.

  6. you can't nap????? that is horrible! actually, i get so cranky after naps that i have to time them at 10 minutes and it's just too stressful to worry about doing half the time. i'm so high maintenance!

  7. I don't like sports - except for the Olympics. I'm gung ho about the Olympics! GO USA!

    People who don't alphabetize things are just weird.