Awkward and Awesome:

Happy Thursday! That means it's almost the weekend. Did you know this is actually my favorite day of the week? Except for this week. Just refer to the first bullet under awkward to see why.

I'm keeping my list of awkward and awesome moments for the week short and sweet. Again see the first bullet.

- I'm on campus almost 14 hours today. Try to hold back all your jealousy. Please.
- I didn't have any caffeine before class this morning. Trying to keep my eyes open.
- Not being able to fall asleep when you really need to. Is there anything worse?
- Paying for and downloading the Windows version of software. I use a Mac. High five!
- The amount of food I cooked last night. For one person. Needless to say, I'm going to be eating chicken with quinoa and veggies for the next week or two. If only I were exaggerating. Okay, maybe I am just a bit.
- Having the apartment to myself. I mean, it's nice. Except for the fact I have to fight talking to myself. All. The. Time.
- The frustration that is iMovie. Probably because I don't have a clue what I'm doing. Grrr.

- A new computer!!! I've been thinking about it for a while and finally pulled the trigger this week (with a little encouragement from my dad). I'm the proud owner of a MacBook Pro. Just in time for a video storytelling class I'm taking.
- The NBA Finals being on a channel that I get. The first few rounds of the playoffs were a little difficult to watch.
- A really great trip to see my cousin in Boise. We had so much fun. At least I think so! Plus, the flight was quick and easy. I'll definitely be back there.
- Summer produce. I just spent $18 at the produce stand and go so much good stuff!
- Real live books. Okay, they aren't alive. But seriously, my kindle just doesn't quite compete.


  1. 14 hours?! Are you serious? blech.
    Congrats on your new computer!

  2. aww, the NBA finals have been oh so good. we've been staying at the mister's parents house and they don't have cable so i'm happy have that channel too!
    xo TJ

  3. Real paper books are the best. Yay for new computers!

  4. THE BOOKS ARE ALIVE!!! Heeehee, that made me chuckle :-)

    Yay for a new computer! A computer that you can use to tweet at me while you're in class for 14 hours.

  5. Hooray for new computers!! I am taking the plunge this fall and upgrading from my 5 year old macbook to a macbook pro!! We can be computer twins! :-)

    That is a really long school day!!

  6. I kinda like Wednesdays myself, because once I get through Wednesday, the rest of the work week just seems to go by a lot faster.

    I totally feel your pain about downloading the wrong version of software. I'm soooo tech unsavy and I do stuff like that all the time. In fact, I still hardly know how to use my iPhone and I've had it for 6 months now. Congrats on your new computer! That ought to make all the awkwardness better :)

  7. I work at home and talk to myself ALL the time. I think I may be going mad. And then I tell myself that I'm fine. :)

  8. I can't figure out why iMovie is so much more difficult than other Apple products! We tried to use it for a slide show at our wedding and finally gave up and used iPhoto instead.

    And I think you commented on my recent blog about "real" books... I agree... there is just something special about them! :)

  9. I loled at the fighting talking to yourself! Too funny! And 14hrs a day? Sheesh!

  10. Summer produce! Love it! And yay for the new computer! :)

  11. did you get your project done????

  12. produce. is. amazing. I think it is one of the reasons i love summer so much. everything is so fresh!