Staycation Picture Round Up

I'm back home for a brief few hours and wanted to share the past few days with you all. My sister and I relaxed with my mom at the beach just north of her house.

 A dog that loves to play in the water.

 A quick walk for some ice cream.

 Amazing sunset!!

Fro-yo and my favorite maxi dress. 

 Homemade ice cream. Best. Thing. Ever.

 Jumping for joy.

 Seriously loving this view.

 Sisters being silly!

 Baby geese. Fluffy and cute.
 "Boom goes the dynamite."

 The making of a totem pole.

 A large rocking reindeer. Maybe.

We fit in a lot in just a few days, as you can tell. There were day trips, hot tubbing, errands, and (mostly) a lot of ice cream. And there was one really, really gorgeous sunset.

Pictured with me, my gorgeous sister. As literal roommates, we just don't spend enough time together.

Tomorrow I'm headed off to visit my cousin for the weekend. Then it will be full steam ahead with summer quarter.


  1. Can't wait to get there and taste that home made ice cream!!

  2. Ridiculous...that dog, that sunset, that amount of ice cream. Nevertheless, good times!

  3. Wow, great photos, that looks like an awesome trip!

  4. I need to see more of that maxi dress. I think I just might have a crush on it.

  5. Have fun at your cousins! Sweet pictures. That sunset is defiantly pretty.

  6. You had some fantastic frozen treats - craving ice cream now...

  7. I just went on a staycation too! It was nice, but we live near the mountains, not the beach. That sunset you captured looked amazing. Glad you had a good time!

  8. I love that there are THREE TYPES OF ICE CREAM in this post, you rock!