Awkward and Awesome: Money Problems

I'm off to hike in the rain and do dinner with a friend. I'll let you know how awesome that is later.

For now, here is how the rest of my week has gone.

- Having my hairband snap while pulling my hair back up at a restaurant--it went flying. For all I know the band could have ended up in someone's food and I was left with slightly out-of-control hair.
- My rent check for May getting lost in the mail.
- Not being contacted by my landlord that it wasn't received.
- Having to pay $10 to cancel the check.
- The University hasn't released financial aid information for the summer. Class starts in 10 days. That should go well. I obviously have an extra $5,000+ laying around.
- The amount of hard alcohol in our apartment right now. The bottles are plentiful but we haven't paid for all it. So there's that.

- Road trippin'.
- White water rafting. I'm ready to go again. In fact, I think that might be my birthday outing this year.
- End of the quarter fun! Get togethers, parties, happy hours, and an evening cruise.
- Fun mini getaways planned for my week off between quarters. One close, one a little further away.
- Mixing whipped cream vodka with orange juice = creamsicle. So yummy! (But also kind of dangerous.)
- Two trips to the gym in one day. I really wanted to watch the basketball game so I lifted and did abs in the morning, and then went back for cardio that night.

What's been awkward or awesome thus week for you?


  1. I've been making that "creamsicle" drink too and it's SOOO amazing. Try whipping half and half in a blender and adding that, too... dreamy.

  2. YES TO RAFTING!! You know I won't say "no" to too many things in this world :)

  3. Haha I remember the days of random collections of alcohol from who knows where. Oh college I miss you!


  4. aw, it's sounds like the awesome's are all pretty rockin'! loving all these mini getaways!
    xo TJ

  5. Ugh, my ex actually had to quit his classes halfway through a semester because of financial aid. They kept saying it was coming and allowed him to take classes... then right after midterm they came back and said, "Ooops, they money isn't coming, we ran out. Pay up or you can't continue." It was AWFUL. He had to quit halfway through because we didn't have the money and all his work was wasted. Such a pain!

    I hope everything works out for you with that!

  6. creamsicle!!!!! yes. now i'm thirsty...

  7. Did you know there's a donut-flavored vodka now? Just sayin'.

    My landlord has a super strict policy about late rent. He contacted me 3 days after the fact that he never received my check. I freaked out- but luckily, he wasn't an ass about it...

  8. You make it sound like we've been stealing alcohol.

  9. Sorry about your check! Now I want creamsicle!!!

  10. lol need to try this creamsicle drink now

  11. mini vacays????? sounds good :)

  12. sounds like the good ole days to me!