Puppies, Videos, and more

I am back up at my parents' house, getting to know their puppy (!!!) and catching up a little bit after 5 full days of class.

 Meet Kincade (Cade for short). Seriously adorable.

I took a video storytelling class that was great. I learned a ton and even made a little video of my own. I'm not quite ready to share it yet, but I will soon. As long as your promise not to laugh at my video skills.

I have exciting news as well. I was selected to be one of two editors for Flip the Media, my program's student-run blog. It's been taking up a lot of my energy as well, and will continue to until my co-editor and I get a handle on things. I'm pretty excited about it though.

In other very exciting news, my Finnish relatives arrive for a visit on Thursday. I won't get to pick them up from the airport because I have class that night, but I get to head up north and hang out with them through the 4th of July. I'm really looking forward to some good quality time, delicious food, and some fun adventures.


  1. Puppy! I always enjoy when close friends/fam get pets. Because I can play with them and not deal with all the annoying things that come with them.

    Sort of like my view on children at the moment...

  2. Aw I love puppies, even if sometimes they can be total troublemakers.

  3. OMG, this is too much adorableness for one post. You gotta know I'm a sucker for cute pups!!!! Hopefully, these two are better behaved than my 'bad' boys. ;)

  4. Oh the pups are so cute! I've never had a dog before so I live vicariously through everyone else

  5. Oh my gosh, is there anything cuter than a puppy? I don't think so. :)

  6. how exciting about that interview for flip the media.
    and that puppy is absolutely adorable!!!!
    xo TJ

  7. PUUUUPPY! I love that dog so much, I'm gonna kidnap it. And congrats on being selected as an editor!

  8. Oh puppy!! So cute! I want to play with him so bad!!!

    Have fun with your relatives!