You may have heard, but tomorrow is National Day of Unplugging. Well, actually, it starts today at sundown.

And I think I've decided to take part.

Since I got my iPhone I don't actually spend as much time on my computer. No surprise there. But I do spend a lot of time "online" or "connected."

It is probably a good thing to step away.

So I have a couple emails to send and then I'm stepping away. For the next 24 hours, my phone will just be a phone.

(Except for checking on a flight for an airport pickup tomorrow. That I will still connect for.)

The weather has been fabulous today and is supposed to be just as nice tomorrow, so I think it's worth enjoying.

Oh, I'm not giving up TV. There are basketball games to watch. But that's all I'm allowing myself. Promise.

No excuse me while I enjoy my couple hours of connectivity.

Are you unplugging? What would you give up?


  1. I can't quite believe it--you without technology for a whole day. WOW. Good luck. I could do it if I wanted to--Kindle, computer, IPad. Just don't make me give up my sewing machine.

  2. I didn't realize there was a day for this?

    Can't believe I didn't read about it online... weird. :p

    Happy weekend, chic!

  3. I love this idea!

    Although I didn't know about it. I generally use my phone mostly for its phone attributes anyway, I'm slowly using it a bit more for twitter. But only rarely.

    I think I'd disconnect from everything. I mean, how important is tv?

  4. What a great idea, naturally I would find out about this the day after.

    I think disconnecting/unplugging for a day is completely a great idea.
    I hope your unplug went smoothly.

  5. i totally missed the day...so i guess not!

  6. I didn't know this day existed..I'm not plugged into anything..guess that's why!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.