Awkward and Awesome: Madness

I'm really busy right now. The first two days of March Madness are pretty much my two favorite days of the year. And luckily I continue to have a spring break that coincides.

(Although actually it's final's week and I'm attempting to write a law paper and watch four basketball games at the same time.)

So I drove up to my parent's house last night after class, set an alarm, and have been parked in front of the TV since. That's all I have planned for the next 36 hours or so, too.

(Well, that and the paper. Obviously.)

Now, onto the main event (or maybe it's the halftime show), my awkward and awesome moments from the past two weeks (since I didn't get to it last week).

- The number of parentheses I have used so far in this post. I've lost control of my punctuation!
- Taking my car in for an oil change and having to get a new battery for $100.
- Being in the throes of winter (which here means tons of rain falling where we live and tons of snow in the mountains) while the rest of the country seems to enjoy summer-like weather. The mountains are supposed to get 15 inches of snow today (Cue avalanches). Great for snowboarders/skiers if you can actually make it to the slopes.
- A classmate losing her wedding ring while traveling home from SXSW. Go here for more information and help her out by spreading the message via Twitter. She thinks it's in the Denver airport.
- My expected productivity level > my actual productivity level

- My final group presentation going really well last night. We had a ton of survey respondents, found significance in our key metrics, and are ready to expand from the pilot study. Plus, it's about a subject that could actually get some attention. But I can't talk about the details, so you'll just have to enjoy that teaser. I'll let you know when I become famous.
- Paying $3.99 to be able to watch every single March Madness game from my iPhone or my computer. This is especially helpful in the earlier rounds since I only get CBS.
- Being at my parent's house and being to use my iPhone, computer, their TV, and my mom's iPad to watch every game possible. (SN: if electronics are bad for one's health, I'm screwed.)
- Showing up to a meeting for the student-run blog and ending up Facebook page manager. Care to find out what I'm talking about? Visit Flip the Media on Facebook.
- Queer on for the Straight Gay on Netflix Instant. It's even funnier than I remember. Also, the sis and I haven't started in yet, but Saved by the Bell is also on Instant.
- The power going out on campus as I was pulling up to pay for parking. Free parking for all!
- Not being last at trivia night. This is for a real an awesome after our team only scored 1 point in the first round.

I'm sure I forgot some important points. But I try to block out the awkward from my memory as much as possible.

What's been awesome or awkward for you this week?


  1. I got the free app for updates from ESPN on the tournament. It keeps going off like crazy. I'm not sure how awesome it's going to be after another day or two... hmmm

  2. i adore parenthesis (if you've read my blog at least once, you'd know).

  3. Don't car batteries suck? They always need to be changed at the worst times.

  4. Ugh, March Madness. If our TV wasn't on sports the ENTIRE YEAR maybe I could appreciate this time of year...but alas.

    My trivia team won last night! (no thanks to me, I didn't know a single answer!)

  5. Oh my goodness have not watched Queer Eye in... well forever! Have to go re-watch some old episodes!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

  6. Haha, my boyfriend payed the $4 and went, "Oh shoot" as he watched his productivity drain away. And AWESOME about that free parking!

  7. Yay for free parking indeed. I find that my expected productivity is always greater than my actual productivity - UNLESS I start working on something at like 5 am.