Awkward and Awesome: Awkward Wins

I have big plans over the next day or so. Babysitting. I'm pretty excited about it. I'll probably walk away with some good awkward and awesome moments for next week, too.

- Accidentally driving in the carpool lane while by myself. No idea how that happened. And no, I wasn't talking on the phone, texting, or even messing with the music.
- My grandpa made me kiss him twice yesterday on the lips as my dad and I were leaving. We are not a kissing family. Also, my dad got a handshake. (SN: my grandpa has Alzheimer's. This is not normal behavior.)
- First I miss out on celebrating National Margarita Day, then National Pancake Day. That's just not right.
- Realizing that I had missed a call from UPS at the front door and running into the street in my sweats and bare feet. But I got the package!
- I'm totally sitting in the dark as I write this. Sweet.

- My friend (who I had brunch with last week) had her baby on Feb. 29th. A little leap day baby! So exciting! I hope I get to meet her soon.
- Not having to babysit until 9:30 (instead of 8) tomorrow morning. That extra sleep is much appreciated.
- Brunch plans for Saturday. I'm always excited about brunch. Best meal ever.

Honestly, I know I had more awesome in my week than that, but it's late and nothing is coming to mind. So awkward rules the week.

Help me out by sharing what was awesome in your week!


  1. Brunch! YES. I like where your head is at...

  2. i went to disney world!!! i miss it already.

  3. Oh man, I missed the National Pancake Day? Is there like a calendar somewhere for these fun festivities?

  4. Good job for managing to get the package!! That must have been a rewarding feeling.

  5. I didn't have a very awesome week this week =-( But I did get my Scentsy order, yay!

  6. Brunch is the best meal by far.

    I've driven in the carpool lane before as well - sometimes it just isn't marked very clearly!

  7. A leap year baby is so exciting (well, any baby is so exciting - but I certainly think a leap year baby is just that much more special!).

  8. I don't mean to make your week even more awkward, but Thursday was also National Peanut Butter Lovers Day. Unless you don't like PB. Then no worries! :)

  9. I hate it when I miss the ups truck!

  10. Aww. The part about your grandpa is sad but ya, a bit awkward. Sorry you missed the pancake day, too! I remember you writing that you missed margarita day ;)

    I LOVE when I don't have to babysit till a tad bit later in the morning. Don't you feel so much more refreshed, even if it's just an hour later? Love it. ~ Leap day baby=awesome!!!! Newborns are so cuddly, hope ya get to meet the baby soon :)