Awkward and Awesome: Rainy Day

Every time I write this post I want to start out by saying, "it's Thursday," as if you didn't know. How original, right? So I swear, this week is the last time.

I'm keeping it short and sweet, like most weeks. I'll be back tomorrow with the muffin recipe. Hold your breath!

- Having my professor ask me a question and completely blanking. I knew, but in that moment, not so much.
- Trying to write this post and completely blanking out.
- Taking a "shortcut" driving and losing 15 minutes of my life. I'll never get that back.
- Featuring new TV series that we are watching all the time (see below). It's like all we do is sit around and watch the boob tube.
- The length of time I sometimes go without washing my hair. But I hear that's actually good for the hairs. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

- Two pairs of shoes for less than $20. I'm doing a bit of a closet overhaul and I found some great shoes to replace ones that I don't wear often.
- Having a meal at our favorite Indian place before taking my mom and dad to the airport. Chai! Butter sauce! Naan! Love!
- My classes this quarter. I've only had them once, but I think they'll be interesting/challenging/awesome.
- Plans for the summer are starting to come together. Fun! Now I just have to figure out class/financial aid, NBD.
- Starting Friday Night Lights all over again. Love that show.
- The weather last week. Cherry blossoms. In a picture, this:
Happy Friday!!!


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  2. We're also going to the Indian restaurant again when I'm coming over!

  3. I don't know how many times I've been stuck in rush hour traffic on the way home and tried a "new shortcut". It never works out and I should have just sat on the interstate with everyone else... waaaah

  4. I once tried to take a short cut going home and got totally lost. So lame!

  5. i wash my hair once a week; twice in summer.