Networking, Eating, and Sweats

Yesterday, after a full day of hanging out babysitting (legos are my friend--seriously, so much better than make believe), I stopped by the house for a quick outfit change and headed to the park and ride to catch the bus downtown.

Side note: my university ID also functions as a bus pass (which we pay for each quarter), so I've been working hard to take the bus when possible. Especially when headed downtown since parking is such a pain and not cheap.

There was a networking happy hour for my program at a local university. The company that hosted us (with amazing food! and drinks!) also gave a presentation on their global apprenticeship program. I've really enjoyed that my program has worked to build connections in the professional community as give us, as students, a chance to learn more about the industry outside of the classroom.

After the happy hour, a number of students continued to a local restaurant and bar to relax and catch up. We quickly took over the place, both with our size and our noise. :)

Then my driving buddy gave me a ride home (she only lives a few blocks away and I was even in bed before midnight. 

This morning I woke up to Skype with my cousin who is Finnish, but volunteering in Israel. It's fun to hear about her adventures and just to catch up. After spending 6 weeks together this summer and luckily getting along really well. We keep in pretty constant contact.

Then I met with a friend for breakfast/brunch at a local all night diner that specializes in grease and an atmosphere that has remained fairly constant since the building was constructed in the '50s (meaning it hasn't ever been upgraded). Their 6- and 12-egg omelets were even featured on an episode of Man v. Food.

Since then I've been home, being somewhat productive on school work, watching college basketball, and wearing my sweatpants like a champ. I have plans for G+ hangout later tonight, sushi with my sister, and a couple options for meeting up with friends. 

For someone who spends a good chunk of her time at home in sweatpants (it's what I do. Can someone pay for me it, pretty please?), it's almost as if I have a real life.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend as much as I am, even if my school's team lost out on a chance to clinch the conference title today.

Happy Saturday!!! I hope it's as sunny there as it is here.


  1. It was good skyping with you even if the picture quality was... rather nonexistent ;D

    And I'm super excited to hear about your time spent in sweats. You have no idea how much I'd like to be able to do that myself!

  2. Holy cow, a 12 egg omelet!?! We have 3 egg omelets at my restaurant and THOSE are big!

  3. Yummy, all night diners are the best, the remind me of high school days!


  4. Love diner food! Can't get enough of it! x

  5. When you find your job hanging out in your sweatpants... remember me as possible "assistant" materiel. I have YEARS of experience and promise to excel at lounging.

  6. Haha, I agree with Molly! Sign me up as Assistant's Assistant? Yes? Okay!! (:

    ps - totally LOVE man vs. food!!

  7. Amazing weekend! I wanna come over!

  8. sounds like you are having fun!!! i am in love with my sweat pants and couch, haha :)