Baseball, Not So Much

I was going to take part in Ten on Tuesday, for fun. But the questions were all about baseball and while I love sports, I don't have much baseball experiences to share - watching, playing, or anything.

I've been to a handful of baseball games in my life and live games (when the sun is shining and the beer is cold) are a lot of fun.

Growing up, the sum total of my baseball experience in terms of playing was one year of t-ball. That's it. No softball. No little league. Nada.

So while I don't feel like answering ten questions about baseball, I'm perfectly comfortable writing a few sentences.

I'm attempting to get some school work done tonight, but my sister has Queer Eye for the Straight Guy on Netflix Instant right now, so productivity has gone down the tube.

I have my last class of the quarter tomorrow, which means presentation time. Then there's just a 15-page paper standing between me, spring break, and all the college basketball I could ask for.

And look! Second blog post this week. Things are looking up.


  1. College basketball is going to rule my life for the next few weeks. I'm glad my friends are ok with this.

    Good luck with the paper... ugh!

  2. Well if you're ever in my neck of the woods I'll take ya to a Twins game, they're fun!