Savor Seattle: Pike Place Market

Pike Place is one of my favorite "landmarks" in Seattle. Everyone knows it. The sign is iconic. The flowers are always gorgeous and inexpensive.

But mostly, I really, really love the food.

So when my good blog friend, Sarah, suggested meeting up there for the Savor Seattle Food Tour, I jumped. Sarah and her fiance, J, left for Japan this morning, so this was our last hurrah for a while. And the tour was an awesome activity to end with.

The tour stops at a number of famous Pike Place restaurants and shops. While the portions seemed small at the beginning, by the end I was very thankful.

I have a few pictures to share, but mostly I was busy eating. I'll do my best to fill in the gaps between pictures.

The group met up at a Starbucks just across the street from the market. I got there early thanks to my bus being speedy, so I helped myself to a little caffeine. We got the run down on the tour, inserted our ear pieces, and headed off into the cold, rainy, windy Seattle day.

Once we entered the market, we got to sample donuts. Delicious, deep fried, sugar covered donuts. Also, we took a gander at all of these donor tiles.

Then we moved on to tea and spices. How I love tea and spices. If only I had all the money in the world to buy the nice stuff.

Tea and spices were followed by seafood, a sampling of smoked salmon (one of my favorite things in the world), and one lucky tour member getting to catch a fish. He did it like a pro.

We all stopped by the pig. She has a name. I can't recall it though.

The we crossed the street to sample some apples and oranges from the produce stands. Then I wanted to buy all the fruits and vegetables. Also, did you know the eggplant is the largest berry in the world.

We followed produce with clam chowder, another one of my favorite things. Seriously. And this stuff was award winning. I can't wait to go back for a full-sized version.

We followed chowder with Chukar's Cherries. My favorite was the dark chocolate merlot covered option.

Cherries were followed by cheese. Cheese and world famous mac 'n' cheese. I'm a cheese addict, so this was pretty heavenly.

This is the point that I stopped taking pictures. After cheese we sampled piroshkies, savory and sweet, and crab cakes.

It was all delicious and just made me want to go eat all the food. And buy all the things.

Even if you're from Seattle and/or have been to the Market, I strongly recommend this tour. The guides are friendly and helpful, food can be modified to meet your dietary needs, and everything was delicious.


  1. Yum, I'm hungry now! Haha. The pig's name is Rachel and Josh and I ended up going back for cherries and chowder before we left! We're settled into our hotel in Japan and running around like madmen trying to check-in everywhere, get on the waiting list for housing and find a car! I hope to have some free time tomorrow to write some blog posts!

  2. Do they have the tours in summertime too? I want to try it out!

  3. This sounds delish! I love events that are centered around food!

  4. Love farmers' markets' - they always have the most fresh and most diverse produce. It all sounds delish! Thanks for coming by earlier and for your sweet comment- following you now :) x

  5. I've always wanted to visit Seattle and see the photos from the great time you had makes me want to visit even more.

    I am glad you had such a splendid time!

  6. I really enjoyed their market when I have visited, but I never knew there was a tour. Mmmm..this post has me dreaming!

  7. That tour sounds incredible. How. MUCH. Fun.

    And who knew eggplant is a berry? I plan to amaze and impress with that fact. Thank you for sharing!

  8. I want to go there and do that right now! The whole thing sounds so amazing. And the eggplant fact is pretty cool (already had to IM my husband with the trivia).


  9. That sounds.... Unbelievable. I'm so jealous. I love snacking so this is like a dream come true! And wow, I didn't know that about eggplant.

  10. I has no idea eggplants were berries!!

    This sounds so fun! I love to eat so this is definitely my kind of tour! I think I will be convincing the hubs to take this tour when we go to Seattle this summer :-)