Awkward and Awesome: In Which I Get Rather Longwinded

It's Thursday. The most wonderful day of the week. Seriously, it's my favorite. Because it means tomorrow is Friday and the weekend is so close.

Obviously I'm very excited about it.

So happy Thursday!

Anyway, here are my awkward and awesome moments from the week. (Inspired by Sydney over at The Daybook.)

- My face right now is breaking out so bad. I'm 26 for heaven's sake. I really need to find a new cleansing system I think. Any thoughts?
- The news in the area has been soooo depressing the past couple weeks. It's not something I usually pay a lot of attention to, but man.
- The Nike+ in my iPod is completely unreliable. I had been just getting to the halfway point in my run and then heading for home, but yesterday I was supposed to run 3 miles, and when I mapped the route at home it wasn't even two miles. Looks like I need to plan ahead of time.
- I've procrastinated enough. It's time to get work done. Since there's only 3 weeks left in the quarter.
- The massive chip in my windshield I got from a rock on the freeway. It scared me half to death too.
- Not getting to celebrate National Margarita Day yesterday. Instead I did stats. Try to hold back your jealousy.

- Sleeping in my own bed after a couple nights on a hard-as-a-board, thin-mattress-on-plywood bunk. Enough said.
- Plans to run the St. Patrick's Day Dash. Now the real issue is where to find green glitter.
- Delicious brunch with a good friend this morning. She's due with her first baby next week, so I'm glad we got to catch up before life gets crazy for her.
- An amazing time with my family at Whidbey last weekend. So much fun!
- Riding ferries is so fun! I grew up riding them because of where we lived and I really miss it.
- Getting my tax return this week. Holler.
- Can I get an amen for the days getting longer (and warmer)? It definitely helps with motivation to run. Yesterday it was over 50 degrees. That's tropical.
- I went to Target today for contact solution, and walked out having only spent $45. You probably realize how impressive this is. Even more impressive, I even got two pairs of shoes. I feel so victorious.


  1. "Yesterday it was over 50 degrees. That's tropical." LOLOLOL. Haaa... that's a crazy cold front in Florida! We like to complain if it drops below 60. ;) That is sweater and boots weather! Haha.

    YAY for tax returns! Best.

  2. Ugh, the first "awkward" is totally me. I'll be 26 this Sept. and I still break out every.single.month like a teenager. I thought this was supposed to end with the teens?! I'd love to see what your readers recommend for that... Sorry you didn't get to partake in National Margarita Day-- I had one and it was delish. I'll have one tonight for you! ;)

    Btw. What's the St Patty's Day Dash? Does it involve beer? :D

    PS- VERY impressed at only spending $45 on a Target visit. I don't think I've ever done that. Post shoe pictures ;)

  3. I've got lots to say so I'll bullet point ...

    * My face started breaking out like crazy when I moved out here ... I've tried EVERYTHING - except prescriptions from the dermatologist - and nothing has helped. I think it's the weather here? I have no idea.
    * I have a GIANT crack in my windshield that almost stretches from one side to the other :( They are so annoying but so expensive to fix and I know it will just happen again.
    * I didn't get to celebrate National Margarita Day either. Boo.
    * I got my tax return today! It was awesome looking at my checking account this morning.
    * I also am pumped about the days getting longer. Yay for spring!
    * We must plan to get drinks/dinner/lunch/brunch something before I move! After the movers leave next Wednesday I should have lots of free time so hopefully we can make some plans!

  4. I'm glad that that rock didn't do damage to you!

  5. Tax returns are so awesome!!

    I usually map my routes using dailymile.com. I run and then come home and map it in. But if I have a goal, then I map before I run and then I'll know exactly where to go.

    Good luck with the St. Patty's Day run!! Sounds like fun!

  6. I really just enjoyed reading that - but not the bad stuff though. The bad I may be able to help with. My face was crazy for many years so I can relate, and things have become better only after many years of trying to 'understand my skin.' This isn't some ploy to get you to come to my blog but coincidently I just wrote an entire post about my morning skincare regimen. It may inspire you somewhat. www.stringsandbuttons.com As for news, I'm a journalist and I think that's why I've started blogging, so I can forget all the horrible things I see and hear. I hope that interacting with other bloggers can help somewhat and glad to hear off all the other great things going on at the same time. Hope you have a wonderful weekend x

  7. Well I'm 28 and still breaking out =-( A blog friend just told me about this new cleansing regime that sounds absolutely nuts. But I may just try it, she said it absolutely works for her.


  8. I LOVE cetaphil face wash I use it day and night and it's incredible. the sad part is that it's not very natural...but it I LOVE IT anyway. Le sigh.

  9. I swear by Dermalogica. I have been using it for years, and it has done great things for my skin. Also, occasional facials help clean out the gunk in your pores:)

    I also missed out on celebrating nationals margarita day:(