Monday, Dreary Monday

Happy Monday to everyone!

I thought I'd drop in, say hi, and share a bit about life recently (not that it's anything exciting, so don't get your hopes up).

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!  Before I jump into the insignificant details of my life recently, I wanted to let you know I'm guest blogging as part of Danielle's Blogger's Cookbook.  Head on over to see my version of sweet potato enchiladas (especially if you missed it here on the blog a while ago).  It's been to see the other recipes bloggers have shared so far.

This weekend found me back up at my parent's house.  Not only did I get a few loads of laundry in and get to watch some good basketball (the usual), but I also went to a babyshower for a good friend.  She's due in less than a month.

It was really fun to celebrate this next phase of life with her (even if I'm no where near it).  She is someone I've known since high school and I was even in her wedding.  We played fun games, ate finger food, and shared our favorite books (the best part!).

(Funny but true: her sister--who I'm also good friends with and is expecting in June--called me out in the middle of the shower for checking game scores on my phone.  They were comparing me to the commercial of the couple on the date where the guy is watching highlights.  True story.)

Yesterday I got to Skype with my cousin who's volunteering in Israel for the year.  It's so fun to catch up with her and hear about the excitement in her life (this week featured poop and cockroaches).  We're very mature.  I also got to meet her roommates via Skype.

Sometimes technology is pretty amazing!

The roomies and I watched the Grammy's yesterday.  I love that it's an awards show focused on the art.  I love seeing all the different artists perform!

And today my sister and I caught up on Downton Abbey.  I can't believe there's only one more episode left this season.  Ahh!!  Has anyone else been sucked into the show?  I'm a complete addict.  We've gotten our mom addicted, too.

Well, I'm off for a run (the first in a long while, so wish me luck).  Have a good afternoon/evening!


  1. I'm going on my first run tonight in a while too ... UGH. I am not looking forward to it! Why is it so easy to fall off the workout wagon and so hard to get back on it again?!

  2. I'm so glad that you talked about DA awhile ago. I was beyond excited that it was online. I don't have DVR and it wasn't on OnDemand. Anyway, it's been great watching it at my leisure.

  3. Whoa, whoa, whooooaaaaaaaaaaa. Next week is the last Downtown Abbey this season?? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  4. Ahhhh...I really want to start watching DA. I need to see if I can find the first season somewhere. Thanks for the reminder.