Opinions Needed.

My dad is in Houston, my mom is huddled by the fire, and the dog is practically asleep on my keyboard.  You should see me trying to type right now.  It's fun.

It's a little cold here, meaning our house is frigid unless you are within 10 feet of the fireplace.  We're real energy conservationists.

I'm actually wearing knee socks, thick, fuzzy socks, and my fuggs.  At least I was until I put workout clothes on.  I figure eventually I'll get cold enough and go workout out of sheer desperation.

But before I do that, I've been doing a little online shopping (thankfully, I didn't make some sort of ridiculous resolution about not shopping).  We got Nordstrom's catalogue in the mail (danger!) and I was reminded of my love for rose-gold finishes.  Have you seen it?  It's gorgeous.

My mom actually found this Anne Klein watch on sale for 50% off.  I'm kind of in love, but I want a little reassurance that it's cute.  I'm afraid my yearning for rose gold has skewed my perception a bit.

What do you think?
You can find it for yourself here.


  1. I heart it. I love love LOVE big watches. And actually put a guy's Guess watch on my xmas list. My mom found this weird. So I didn't get it. Booo...

  2. I love this watch SO much. You should definitely get it. This only reminds me how much I need a watch in my life.

  3. I loooove being cold so I can snuggle up! :)

    I'm not a watch person but I think that watch is cute so you should get it!

  4. I don't normally like watches, especially square ones, but this one has something special to it. I say go for it!

  5. Trust your gut! Get the watch. woman!

  6. Yes! It's so cute! Love the color!