Awkward and Awesome (Story of my life.)

I've been following Sydney over at the Daybook for a while.  It started around the same time as my obsession with fashion blogs.

I won't even tell you how many I read a day.  Especially since I don't consider myself fashionable.  My desire to put any effort into getting dressed varies heavily from day to day.

But I do love me some fashion, and Sydney is one of my favorites.  Seriously.  She's adorable (and so is her husband).  So I'm joining in on her Awkward and Awesome Thursday.  I'm nothing if not a sucker for a blog prompt.  It just makes life a lot easier.

- A fake snow day. we got 6 inches of snow Wednesday night and it was mostly melted by 8am.  All the schools had cancelled for the day already (except the university).  Those poor kids (and moms).
- My sudden inability to keep from tearing up.  i don't even know who I am anymore.  I'll share some of the sources of my emotion in another post later.  Fair warning: you will probably tear up too!
- The fact that I haven't washed my hair since Monday.  That's also the last day I went to the gym.  I think if I worked out more often, my hair would be cleaner.
- Facebook chat conversations with people that creep me out.  That's also why I don't keep myself signed in all the time.
- Getting to a door the same time as someone going the opposite direction.  Tell me I'm not alone here!
- Leaving my parking permit in the car my dad took to work this morning. I had been taking advantage of the AWD. Unfortunately, there was no avoiding the ticket I got, but I'm hoping to talk parking service into at least lowering.  I'm not holding my breath though.

- Snuggling with the puppy dog every morning.
- Some of my recent purchases/Christmas gifts that will hopefully spice up my wardrobe (and inspire me) a little bit.
- The professor in one of the classes I'm providing service in.  I'm supposed to keep a straight face, but she's too hilarious not to laugh at.
- The possibility of a girls weekend sometime this spring with good friends.
- The fact that my weekend started this afternoon.
- Celebrating a good friend's birthday tomorrow afternoon!!!
- Picking up the pottery I painted over the weekend.  Don't worry, I'll show it off soon.
- Sweatpants.  If you don't agree with me, we probably can't be friends.  I will accept yoga pants as an alternative.

Thanks for sticking it through to the end of my list!  Have a happy Thursday and Friday.  I'm off to shower, watch our Thursday night line up, and prepare for a fabulous weekend.


  1. Oh my god, there is a guy on Facebook with whom I went to high school and he is ALWAYS trying to chat with me and sending me random messages just to say hey. I've learned that he does it to many of our other classmates, too! It's so strange.

  2. yah the FB chat thing weirds me out...I don't think I'm ever signed in! We can be friends because I agree with you on sweat pants :)

  3. If I see someone I want to avoid sign into fb chat, you better believe I become invisible REAL quick... awkward...

  4. Totally agree with the sweats. I don't get out of my yoga pants unless there's a darn good reason.

  5. I agree with the sweatpants!
    There's almost nothing better than a pajama day (: