Lots to do.

I ended up with a pretty sweet work schedule this quarter including Fridays off.  Of course, the awesomeness of my schedule is offset by the fact that I am working 7 fewer hours a week.

I'm okay with that.  Especially since there's a big project at work that could give me quite a few extra hours.

I started off my weekend with a pretty relaxed day.  I watched some Criminal Minds, went to the gym (small victory!), went grocery shopping, knitted a little, and made a dinner out of stuffed mushrooms, sweet potato fries and a banana with peanut butter.  I'm pretty much a kid (minus those stuffed mushrooms).

Since the parents are gone for the weekend visiting friends, I have big plans.  Par-tay!!!

Just kidding.  I'm too old and granny-like for that.

But I do have a to-do list:

  • finish my letter of intent for grad school app
  • clean room and bathroom
  • take clothes to thrift store
  • painting pottery with a friend
  • watching basketball and football
  • another trip or two to the gym
  • decide if I want to take the GRE again (to improve writing score) next week
  • watch Easy A and the Other Guys (picked them up from Redbox tonight)
  • actually finish one of my knitting projects
I don't really know if I'll get all of it accomplished. But the list makes it look worse than it is.  

Now excuse me as I get back to Criminal Minds, football, and some knitting.

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