Awkward and Awesome: Let the Week be Done

This week has been kicking my butt, for numerous reasons.  In fact, my awkward list was already pretty much done before I even sat down tonight.

Thankfully, the weekend is almost over and the weekend is coming!!!  I have two transcripts to edit tonight (2ish hours) and 3 hours of work tomorrow, and then I'm home free.  With no plans as of yet, but I'm sure I'll come up with something.

On that note, here's my awkward and awesome, even though the lovely Sydney is not taking part this week.

- the smiles at strangers when eye contact is made that probably look more like grimaces.
- driving to campus, thinking I forgot my parking permit, parking at the other end of campus because of it, and realizing my permit is in my coat pocket as I walk to campus.
- speed walking across campus and ending up completely grossly sweaty. I'm a professional.
- waking up enough before my alarm that I'm sad, but close enough that it's not worth falling back asleep.
- leaving my car unlocked not once, but twice.  Once over night in front of my house and today on campus.  I'm so smrt.  Luckily nothing bad came out of it.
- how much cutting and cooking onions makes me cry.  I just get so emotional about it.

- a paycheck, for the first time since before Christmas.
- the experimental dinner I just made: mafe with quinoa (substituted for rice) that turned out a-ma-zing.
- getting my parking ticket downgraded to a warning.  Thank you parking services!
- updated girl's weekend schedule with the cousins: spa day and fancy dress-up lunch.  I can't wait for next weekend.
- calling to make a hair apointment today and being able to get in next Wednesday.  It was like winning a mini-lotto!


  1. Yay for getting your parking ticket downgraded! I've gotten way more of those than I'd care to admit.

    Shopping and Spreadsheets

  2. I'm so bad when it comes to unexpected eye contact. I'm pretty sure I make a face that looks like I'm about to stroke out. Unless of course I'm drunk, in which case I start winking at everybody, and let's be honest -- strokey face is probably better than that.

  3. I have left my car open more than once, and one time my husband literally left the door wide open! hahah It just means you need more sleep and less stress!

    On another note, I found your blog from your post on my blog during fashion week with emery jo! Anyway I am having a small giveaway of a pair of earrings I wore, I would also love your opinion on the header which is part of the giveaway!