Hump Day Update

Today was the sort of day that started out with a big to-do list and ended with me exhausted and very few things crossed off. I don't understand how that happens.

It's oh-so annoying.

I did manage to fit in a trip to the gym, but other than that, and a little work, I don't feel like I did much. Now I'm dog sitting for the night (Two dogs that currently wandering outside--they're fine.).

And I'm trying not to have a headache. I have a feeling it's a bit of dehydration post work out.

I did want to share a few fun things with you all, though, before I curl up in front of the TV for some American Idol.

First of all, Ashalah is hosting a super fun Valentines swap.  You should check out all the details over at her blog.  What a great way to meet some new folks and get some cute stuff.

Secondly, I decided to take part in a 30-for-30.  It's a clothing/wardrobe challenge hosted by Kendi over at Kendi Everyday. Basically you remix 30 pieces of clothing (not counting accessories and coats) for 30 days, and you don't shop during that time.

I don't have visions of turning this into a fashion blog. I'm think more along the lines of a weekly round up. But I definitely want to learn to use my wardrobe better and not spend some money for the month of February.

I'm kind of scared out of my mind about it, since fashion isn't really my thing. I like putting together an outfit that makes me feel good, but I'm just as likely to be lazy.

So that's what is new here this week. What is happening with you all? Are you going to join me for a Valentine swap or the 30-for-30 remix? Think about it.

Also, it's almost Friday, or at least Wednesday is over. Same difference.


  1. I've always wanted to try 30-for-30 remix. I don't think I can do well. The hard part is not buying anything for a month. I know I would fail that part. LOL. I wish you luck!

  2. I think that's why I can't do the 30 for 30 thing...laziness! haha :)

  3. Oh wow- 30 for 30 would be rough for me! I'm not good at mixing and matching... or accessorizing... or fashion in general. Can I use the excuse that I'm from Missouri? :p

  4. I'm not even sure I own 30 pieces of clothing, unless you count individual socks and cosplay attire.

  5. Good luck with the 30 for 30! I hope you do end up posting a weekly round up!