Last Minute Purchases

It's Saturday, unless you're in Asia, in which case, it's already Sunday.  That makes me really sad for all of you.  Sundays are kind of a big weekend buzz kill, at least for me, because all I can think about is how the next day is Monday.

And now I'm depressed about Monday already.  I totally psyched myself out of the weekend.  Great.

In unrelated news, I've been doing a little online shopping.  In part because February starts Tuesday, therefore 30-for-30 starts, therefore the shopping ban starts.  (See what I just did, it was like a math proof.)

Unfortunately, not all my shopping has been successful.  I had a Groupon for American Apparel from a few months ago.  I've been waffling around as to what I wanted to purchase.  I finally settled on tights and socks, because I'm really exciting like that.

Then tragedy struck.  I entered my credit card # from memory (sad or impressive?), but misremembered the expiration and security code.  Now, I have to wait until Monday to call customer service to resolve the issue.

Maybe I'll just to refer to my card from here on out.

I also stopped by Land's End, mostly because of this lady's beautiful dress, and ended up walking away with a few treasures (with free shipping thanks to an awesome coupon code found online).

There was a moment of panic this morning when I had the items in my shopping bag, but they didn't actually exist anywhere else on the site.  I guess I'll just have to trust that they're actually in stock.

I don't know if I'll actually be using any of my new items for the challenge.  I'm a little bit afraid they won't be here for a while.  I'm might leave a slot or two open for a surprise pick.

Speaking of which, I laid out my tentative line-up yesterday afternoon, in between cookie making, Criminal Minds watching, and cuddling with the dogs.  I hope to finalize it tomorrow and reveal my picks.

But really, I promise to not let fashion take over this blog.  Once or twice a week, tops.


  1. this was bad to read because i'm currently trying so hard not to shop! :)

  2. Oh come on girl...lol
    I like to hear about your opinions on fashion.
    :-) xxx Emily

  3. Oh math proofs, haven't thought about those in awhile. *gag*