Awkward and Awesome 2.0

I'm thinking about making this a part of my regular posting for a few reasons.  A) It ensures I actually post semi-regularly and B) my life is mostly made of up these two things.  Awkward and awesome, that is (and probably a little lazy, if I'm being honest).

- Rainy weather and wearing glasses. i need some wipers running or something.
- Me getting up from or sitting in a chair.  My workout Wednesday has my butt, hamstrings and hips a little tight and sore.
- Trying to have a phone conversation when the other person is breaking up.  Is that a pause or am I missing something important?
- When the back of my jeans get wet.  It's cold and uncomfortable and makes me feel like a small child.
- Making eye contact with people accidentally and having nothing to say to them.  There's a reason I tend to stare at the floor.
- Trying to figure out what music to play while giving my coworker a ride to an off-campus assignment. It's ridiculous how stressed it makes me.
- Really, really needing to do laundry.  I haven't run out of any essentials...yet.

- Sleeping in my own bed.
- Plans for girls weekend with a few of my favorite people.
- Tomorrow being Friday and sweatpants (I think I'll just include those every Thursday. Because they are true.)
- Home made cookies. That's so happening tonight.
- Getting along with and enjoying my coworkers.
- Having time to sip tea and read blogs this morning.
- Potential for a catch-up visit with a friend I haven't seen in forever.  So excited!
- Getting my life organized, specifically my bedroom.

Is it just me or does my life seem a little more awkward than awesome this week?


  1. I hate wearing glasses in the rain. UGh, all I can stare at is the little dots on the glass.

    I love GIRLS nights! Awesome!

  2. ha, i love these posts. I just hang up when I can't hear someone, they will call back :)

  3. ha ha I totally relate to the glasses in rain. Its even worse when its snowing because your glasses awkwardly fog up when you go inside...
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  4. Just remember -- in many cases, what is an awkward situation will eventually become an awesome story. And so the circle remains unbroken.

  5. Wet jeans are totally the worst!