A Week in Fast Forward

After a very relaxing first two weeks of vacation, things picked up a little bit this past week.

There was a wedding to attend, my grandparents to move to town, a trip by the sis and I half-way across the state to celebrate New Years with the cousins, and not enough sleep to go around.

Seriously the last week has consisted of billions of boxes, bull and bronc riding, and semi-sleepless nights.

I'm not even kidding.

I mean, I went to a rodeo and saw a chicken scramble.  Hundreds of children chasing after chickens.  On New Years Eve.  You can't make that up.

I did learn that small children and a dirt arena = a lot of laundry to do.  Thankfully I learned that by observation and not by personal experience.

Since I don't have children that I know of.  Or any on the way (just to be clear).

Now I have two days of vacation left and then it's back to the grind.

Of course, those two days involve continuing to unpack the grandparents and getting the sister ready for London.  (Jealous!)

But who's counting?!

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