Unhappily Delayed

I heard some very disturbing news today.

As you are probably aware, the Vancouver Olympics start in approximately a month.

You might not be aware, however, that I only live a little over an hour away (depending on border traffic) from the city.

It's a city I've grown to love and visited numerous times.

I also love the Olympics.  As a lover of all things sports, the Olympics Games are pretty much perfection.

I thought my only regret about the Games this time around would be that I am working.

During Beijing, I was actually an intern through the US Olympic Committee and got to work "Olympic Hours" (6 hours, while getting paid for 8) so I could catch a lot of the action.

However, today I realized that work is not the biggest issue.

Before I break the big news let me just remind you that Vancouver is a little over an hour away from me.  Seriously.  This isn't a joke.

I won't get to watch the Olympics live.  That's right.  The TV networks will actually show the Games tape-delayed here in the Evergreen State.


And thanks to our satellite, we don't get any Canadian channels either.

It's just not right.

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  1. We got tickets to see a few events, but the the hotels are completely sold out, so we have to make each event a day trip. Bummer!