Expensive Jewelry and Valentines Day

I am a member of Gilt and Hautelook, sites that have sales on designer brands.

So far I've purchased two things: a gift for my cousin's wedding shower and a pair of earrings.

I get daily emails telling what's on sale now and I can't help but click through and do a little online window shopping.

Lately I can't seem to help but look at every single jewelry designer they have.  And sometimes those designers are ridiculously expensive.

So expensive, in fact, that when I see an item that drops into the hundreds-of-dollars range I think to myself, "Oh good, something affordable."

When in fact it is not affordable at all.

And even if that was a price I could afford, wouldn't it be better if I had someone to buy it for me.  That's what I really need in my life.

Speaking of needing someone, DO NOT see the movie I Hate Valentines Day.  It's horrible.  So horrible, in fact, that we only made it about half an hour into the movie before switching back to the SAG awards.

It has the woman from My Big, Fat Greek Wedding, which I liked, so I thought this might be cute, too.


Don't rent it, see it, and definitely don't buy it.  Ever.

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