This Can't Be My Weekend

I'm in the middle of a weekend that is not really a weekend. And I am exhausted.

For only being a four days long, the past week seemed exceptionally long, mostly because of Thursday and Friday.

Thursday I worked on campus and then went out to mow lawns with my dad, returning home around 9:30 p.m. I still had yet to eat dinner, shower, finish editing, and pack for the trip.

Friday we left town around 6 p.m. to head south for the conference. The driving only took 4 hours, but we stopped for dinner (1 1/2 hours) and there were three of us smushed into the back seat.

By the time we reached our destination it was approaching midnight and still had to edit a transcript for work.

Then I spent all day at the conference, which was extremely information and helpful, but not all that restful.

The good news: no more conference events this evening, my own bed and air conditioning.

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