Excitement is Building

It's hard to believe that my summer is less than two weeks away. In fact, two weeks from now I will be in a different state.

By some stroke of luck, my current job has pretty much given me college breaks back.

And I accept.

This summer I plan on making use of the free time on my hands by getting a little travel in.

The trip I'm most excited about is to Costa Rica (which is about 97% for sure happening). A week at the end of July.


But first I'm going to fly 1,000 miles for a friend's wedding and some catching up in the land of the Rockies, followed by Cousin SE's wedding back in the home state (but nowhere near home).

Apparently I've reached the age that everyone gets married at.

Funny, I never received that memo.

I am also plotting strategery for a trip/move to Europe. That part is totally unplanned and just a hope/dream in one corner of my heart.

But a girl can dream.

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