I spent Sunday driving home from the opposite end of the state. What a way to Happy Mother's Day to my mom, huh?

But I got back as fast I could just for her! At least that's my excuse for speeding this time.

After I returned home, I spent about half an hour rooting around my room for the gift I bought her months ago. A bath pillow. I found it in a shopping bag, under my desk (of course).

There's nothing like Mother's Day to make me think of not only my mother (who I love and appreciate very much), but also all of the other women who have a part in making me who I am today.

And boy, have there been many of them. As I walked to campus this morning in the drizzle, I began compiling a mental list, but soon ran out of capacity for it.

I have been blessed!

I was met with sobering news in the past few days about one of these women, my grandmother--my mother's mom.

Grammacy fell and broke her hip.

This follows a rather disastrous turn of events less than six months ago, when she broke the other hip and then fell and broke her ankle while trying to walk on a broken hip.

You see, Grammacy has Alzheimer's. It's been ravaging her brain for a while now and with the accident six months ago, left her confused and fairly uncommunicative cerebrally, and very unsteady on her feet.

I've seen her a number of times since I returned home last fall, and on each visit I'm shocked at how much she has worsened. This past weekend, she was at my cousin's bridal shower, was really unsteady on her feet, mostly confused, and very hard to understand.

Now my mother has flown across the state to help out with Grammacy, who has become agree and volatile.

I'm not sure how to end what has turned into a rather sober post. Sometimes, life just blows.

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