Random Acts of Kindness

Twice today I received compliments from perfect strangers.

And it got me thinking. How often do I make an effort to do or say something nice to someone else, stranger or otherwise?

I have a vague memory of pushing a cart through snow for an older woman, occasionally holding a door open, or a brief smile.

But I'm pretty sure I could better than that.

I just to need to channel my inner Haley Joel Osmont. (Pay It Forward, anyone?)


On a completely unrelated note, I realized while in the shower that I was out of body wash.

I had to make a difficult decision, whether to use Gillette Body Wash or Old Spice Body Wash. (I share a bathroom with my bro, can you tell?)

I went with Gillette because the scent is a little less "male" (I mean who wouldn't recognize Old Spice) and because it provided the two-for-one deal of a face wash. Won't be getting acne on my legs.


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