Staying Safe

Everyday at work, walking around campus, there seem to be people selling something, handing something out, etc.

Pretty much everyone just wants to avoid contact, so I've come up with some strategies to make avoidance a little easier, whether you find yourself on a campus or accosted on the city streets. (Well, hopefully not accosted.)

Strategy #1: The Wingman Technique
This involves using an innocent passerby as cover. By keeping a person between you and the stalker to be avoided, attention is deflected the another victim allowing you to continue merrily along your way.

Strategy #2: The Ol' Cell Phone
Pretty straightforward, by talking on your cell phone or pretending to talk on your cell phone, the stalker will much less likely to bother you about whatever it is they want to bother you about. Trust me, it works.

Strategy #3: Take It and Run
Occasionally when the stalker is just handing something out, like a flyer or a coupon, it's just easier to take it. Just take it and get out of dodge. I always cringe a little at the waste of paper, but my sanity is worth it.

Strategy #4: Out of Towner
In the case of a petition or another voting-related matter, claiming you aren't a registered voter is a pretty easy way to get someone to forget about you.

I could probably come up with a few more, but I'll stop there for now. Go out and conquer the stalkers.

Maybe someday you'll be lucky enough to learn my techniques for avoiding door to door marketer-types.


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