A Day in the Sun

Today dawned slightly overcast, making me rather wary.

I was ready for my first day off in two weeks and I wanted to enjoy it outside, dang it!

Luckily the cloud burned off and as the temperature rose, so did my mood. I spent the day mostly outside, with a friend at a state park and working in the front garden with the family.

I took my camera out just to play and thought I'd share my morning adventure with a few photos. I hope you had a beautiful Saturday to enjoy outside.

We started the day off right, with a little caffeine from the local coffee shop.
We traversed over rock...
beside the beautiful ocean...
and around driftwood.
We played on railroad tracks...
climbed on water drain pipes...
and frolicked beside waterfalls.
Then I went home and hid under a chair to get some rest. Oh wait, that was the puppy.

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