El Sol

It seems that summer has arrived here at home. The temperature as I headed to work this morning was 77.

77?! That's crazy hot for the second day of June. (Keep in mind I am practically in Canada a.k.a. the artic.)

Not that I am complaining. I love summer. The heat, the sun, and here at home, the lack of humidity.

And come Friday I will mostly be done working, at least nowhere near the hours and days I have put in.

I have also gotten my first sunburn of the year. It was bound to happen eventually.

I try to be good about sunscreen, really I do, but sometimes I forget.

Therefore, I was peeling skin off today. (TMI, maybe.)

It was so warm this afternoon when Dad and I started mowing that I drank an entire Nalgene of water in less than an hour.

I know I am pretty much sharing useless information tonight. (My excuse, I fried my brain this weekend--in more ways than one.)

My point today is that summer is here and I am excited.

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