New Tradition

I've decided to start a new tradition up on my blog. It came to me in a moment a brilliance. Hopefully I can sustain that and create something sweet.

I am going to have a Person of the Week.

Let me give you some background on where this idea came from and then launch in to the inaugural edition.

In the past couple days I've heard of/learned about some pretty amazing people. And I got to thinking, do I do a very good job acknowledging the awesome people around me? So that's what I am going to try to do. Give credit to the amazing people that exist in this world. Some of whom I am close to, others who I hear about in passing.

There is no way I will get to everyone, but just getting to a few, I think, is worth the effort. This week as part of my special inaugural Person of the Week, I am going to highlight two different people. Check it out...

Person #1
Cornell wrestler Adam Frey has had a crazy couple of weeks. He competed at the NCAA Division I National Wrestling Championships, then two days later crashed and totaled his car only to learn through his visit to the hospital to get checked out that he had cancer. Three major tumors throughout his abdomen.

He's a 22-year-old student-athlete that is now worried about chemotherapy, doctor's appointments, and all the numbers associated with fighting cancer. Not something I would want to go through.

Adam has a blog (www.adamfrey.us) through which he is sharing his fight with cancer with an open and, oftentimes, humorous tone. Through his blog you can also find out more about supporting him and his family through this fight. I would definitely recommend checking it out.

Person #2
Randy Pausch was a professor at Carnegie Mellon. He was told by doctors that his cancer was terminal. On September 18, 2007 he gave his last lecture at the school as part of a lecture series. The talk was entitled "Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams."

I don't want to try to do it justice. Pretty much you should watch it for yourself, just follow the link below.

Randy Pausch Lecture: Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

That does it for edition #1 Person (or People) of the Week. I know there are many more out there. Stayed tuned next week to hear about another (or two).

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    It is mark. I have run across both of these stories as well and just passed on the person #2 to your day last night. I posted a message on the Cornell when Rob Koll e'mailed me what happened. Such a weird turn of events. Anyway, such a coincidence that I have run into these two similar stories. People from Bellingham must have simular connections or think alike.

    I have a blog as well called Parrish Blog Send me a comment when you get a chance.

    Thanks again for the great visit during the Pan-American Games! The family enjoyed their presence.