I fenced today.

I'm not talking about digging holes and nailing boards to post. There was no barbed wire involved. Nope.

Today I picked up an epee and dueled some of my fellow interns.

It was fun, interesting, and I sweated. A lot.

First I learned basic footwork and moves, proper stance, how to move. Then we strapped in.

It started with a chest protector, for the women. This is not a thick, padded 'protector.' Think hard, plastic shell. Pre-shaped, if you will, and in small, medium and large.

Don't worry, I have a picture.

Then we added a jacket, one glove, and the mask. Basically, the definition of hot. Literally.

Then we fought, dancing across metal strips, trying to poke each other. There were no sharp edges.

Instead the epees have what looks like a button on the end. When this compresses, when you make contact with your opponent, a current runs from the end through a cord under your jacket into another cord strapped to your side all the way to the score board that buzzes. The whole process takes much less time than it took to read that sentence.

It was a fun time, it was a challenge, and my already sore quads are not very happy.

If you ever get a chance to fence, you should try it.

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