Carrying the torch

I just have to get this out. Bare with me, read everything I have to say, and think about it.

I have been disturbed by all the rioting surrounding the torch relay thus far. Not because I agree with how China has done anything, not because I don't think people should be able to express their opinions, not even because I think the torch is amazing.

But did anyone stop to think about the other people involved?!

I watch today as a small woman, a former Olympian, get tossed around as a protester tried to get to the torch.

There was an athlete in a wheelchair that had objects thrown at them as they tried to carry the torch.

This was with hundreds of police escorting them.

Here's the thing. Carrying the torch is a big deal.

Not just any average joe gets a chance. It's supposed to be a special time. And it's not like the torch bearer grabs the handle of the torch while saying this is in support of China persecuting those in Tibet and contributing to what is happening in Darfur.

This tradition goes farther back. Decades back.

I'm all for having a personal opinion and standing up for what you believe in. Truly, it's great that people are passionate and care about what is going in the world around them.

But don't get so stuck on the big picture that you forget about the individuals affected.

Line the entire torch relay with people who have their back turned. Use your resources...the internet especially. Isn't this supposed to be the internet Olympics?! Get creative. Seriously, rushing the torch. Genius.

I'm sorry. I'm a little worked up. It doesn't happen often.

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