Trials and Tribulations

Today, as I sat in church, which I try to do most Sundays, I listened to the preacher talk about trials. And it got me thinking.

My life has not been exceptionally tough. I haven't ever been homeless, well...except for that one summer. I have never not had something I needed.

So as the preacher talked about trials leading to patience and patience to maturity, I wondered if I had gone through that process.

Then it hit me. Trials are not necessarily huge moments. They don't always make you feel like crap, like bawling your eyes out. Not always.

Trials can be moving alone to a new place, working for an organization you aren't familiar with, living with people that maybe don't share the same beliefs as you.

I would say those count as trials.

Here is my definition of trials.

A moment, experience, or occurence that stretches you, tests your faith, and/or makes you work a little bit (or a lot of bit).

So there you go. Apparently I have been feeling philosophical recently.

Sorry, but not really. :)

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