This Virtual World

The world of blogging confounds me. Not the idea of blogging, but the community (or communities) that have developed from it.

Everytime I sign into blogger I am informed about what blogs have been updated in this minute. And I only see a handful of the hundreds of thousands of millions that exist.

That's craziness.

A few times I have attempted to find paid blogging positions, thinking perhaps the sometimes hobby could make me a little money.

I quickly find myself overwhelmed by the options and my lack of knowledge of any one area.

Fashion, no. Technology, no. How to, not unless it's something so simple you probably already know how to do it.

So I remain a hobbyist, which I've decided is okay with me. Because, as I recently have discovered, the idea of making my living in front of computer screen is not all that appealing.

So enjoy my half-hearted, somewhat anonymous attempts at creativity, because that's what I'm all about.

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  1. i posted tonight.
    i really am going to get better.
    are you signed up for something so that you're notified with people post?

    ohpe still need your address
    (that word is a combination of oh and nope)