Neverending work week.

I know I wrote a brief update about three days ago. And I apologize that it's been a while.

In my defense, I worked almost 60 hours from last Monday to yesterday. With that whole tournament of spandex this weekend things were crazy.

Now I am laying in bed with the lights out, about to fall asleep, but wanting desperately to update you all (however many people that might be) about my not so exciting life.

I wouldn't be so tired if I had gone to bed a normal time Saturday and gotten up at decent time today. But instead I chose fun (Saturday) and exercise (today) over sleep. Maybe not the best idea, but those decisions have past.

I have to say that I felt like a stalker this weekend.

I was interviewing different spandex-clothed people throughout the event, and I would have to chase them down across the gym. Sometimes evening calling their name as if we were friends, when in fact I am only 'the intern' that they have never seen before.

I must have looked pretty cool.

The exciting part, I got to be one of the chosen few. I was allowed through the gates, I could wander, basically I ruled.

Okay...so I was still just the intern, but a girl can pretend, right?!

There's is more I could impart from the weekend, including my dancing abilities, but instead I am choosing sleep.

Perhaps tomorrow, after or before I play 80 minutes of basketball I will find the energy to impart more lame anecdotes.

Probably not though.

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  1. Ah yes - the running through crowds of people, trying to catch up with people who have no idea who you are. Those are always fun, awkward moments.

    Sorry I didn't call you back last night - I'll try tonight or something.