Let me start off by apologizing for not writing in the past couple days. I have no good excuse except that I was tired and didn't really have the time.

Secondly, that exclamation point is for somebody to let them know I am paying attention, and to maybe get on their nerves just a little bit. :)

The real story for today, however, is about an awesome, amazing, wonderful surprise I received.

A letter arrived at my parent's house today from my institution of higher learning. (Yes, I am still in school even as I work 40 hour weeks)

The letter informed me (through my mother who read it) I had been awarded a scholarship for the Spring semester. Now, instead of having $2,500 in loans, I only have $415.

How exciting is that!!! So I am little less poor than I started out the day.

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  1. Your use of exclamation points tells me one thing: your life is more exciting than mine...
    Happiness on the scholarship deal!