A Buffet

Airports are small little worlds filled with many wondrous stories and tales, full of adventure, trials, and who knows what.

You don't believe me. Perhaps you weren't paying attention last time you entered the airport.

Today I am at the Kansas City Airport flying to Denver. KCI, as they call it here, is interesting. There are seperate security check points for each clump of gates.

This seemed like a brilliant idea when I the third in line to get through security, less exciting when they scanned my backpack ten times just to make sure it was safe, and even less thrilling when I realized that I really needed to pee.

Luckily, after contemplating the merits and having to undergo airport security again, I realized there was a bathroom in my gate clump. Apparently they took myself and small children with small bladders into account while designing the facility.

Seriously though, airport security is no joke. It is a very serious act that needs to be taken seriously. I am serious. So was the woman that checked my torso for any dangerous objects.

The things people take with them through security is quite ridiculous as well.

I saw a man with two dirty pairs of boots. That's right. Two pairs, and he was even wearing shoes.

Another man had a fishing reel, that he didn't even realize was there. And a large stack of papers. I don't know...in case he needed to start a fire or do his taxes???

The good news for me. I have cash now. Hopefully enough to cover my parking and the toll road. If not, I'll charge it to my account with the state transit authorities. Just add it to my bill.

In case you couldn't tell, traveling is a pretty exciting experience for me.

I should probably sign off.

The plane is supposed to take off in 15 mintes, kinda like we were supposed to board ten minutes ago. Like that's going to happen. There are still small children running all over the place.

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