Whirlwind of Death

The laundry facilities that are available for use in the dorms are fairly nice. There are washer and dryers and are free, except for the detergent that you must provide. Not a big deal.

Today however my friend and I stared death in the face in the form of an industrial dryer. She had transfered all her clothes and had started the dryer.

As a side note, when I say industrial, I mean industrial. You could fit three or four small children into these dryers.

Anyways...the dryer is started. She realized she needed to add one more shirt to the load.

Thinking this was your normal dryer, she opened the door, only to have the clothes continue to spin at supersonic speeds, jumping out of the dryer of their own accord.

It became apparent that there was no way she was going to be able to get all her clothes back in alone, and the dryer was not going to stop anytime soon.

So I waded into the mess. As blocker I attempted to keep clothes in while she attempted to gather them off the floor and stick them back in.

After what seemed a lifetime, the clothes were back in and the door was closed. And we were covered in sweat.

Awesome. But we were victorious.

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