I killed the carwash

Colorado is very into putting chemicals down on the roadway when it snows. And where I came from we used gravel.

So now, whenever the temperature warms up enough for the carwashes to open, I take advantage.

This morning when the temp rose to blistering 50-something, I knew there was an opportunity. Plus, I needed gas.

I found a station that could meet both my needs, filled up the tank, and purchased the deluxe carwash. Awesome.

I was excited.

Then I sat in the line waiting for my turn. 20 years later, I got the chance to put my car through the wringer (literally!).

Unfortunately I overestimated where my front wheels needed to stop and overshot the spot.

And the car wash wouldn't start. Not only did it not work for me, but it wasn't working for the people behind me either.

While the gas station gave me another wash, since the only thing that had happened was a little moisture spattered my car, moving the chemicals around slightly, I was uninterested in waiting in another five car line up for another turn at the wash.

Maybe I'll try again tomorrow.

- - - - -

Another awesome story I just had to tag on.

I went and saw the movie Juno tonight with a couple friends. Very enjoyable.

As we were leaving the theater, there were some younger girls (middle school, perhaps) trying to jump up and touch the restroom sign in the hallway.

My friend reached up and touched the sign, he being more than foot taller than the young lassies.

There was a pause.

And then one of the girls said, "Show off."

We laughed the entire way to the car.

- - - - -

Two more brief, random thoughts, since I am obviously on a roll.

First I keep wanting to spell line, 'lign.' Like sign I guess, I am so glad I have a college eduation.

Secondly, I drank about 80 oz of pop, or soda, at the movie. And all because it was only 25 cents to upgrade to the large. That gets me everytime.

- - - - -

The end.

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