My job requires me to interview athletes, coaches, and many others. And I am new to this organization of men in spandex.

So tonight, while I was mostly successful, I also managed to embarrass myself.

Good job.

This afternoon at work I was given an assignment for a feature story. As in seven hours ago I was given the assignment.

After doing some research on the athlete, getting a decent start, I decided to call him to set up a time to meet. I was thinking sometime in the next couple days.

Instead I found myself agreeing to 7:30, less than three hours ago.

The interview went fairly well, except for one moment.

I had typed up some questions, but had not phrased one well. I asked the question, and the athlete looked at me quizzically.

I attempted to rephrase.

He waited. I mumbled. I blushed. He laughed and called me cute.

Years later I came up with a modified question, now not entirely sure what I was asking. He graciously answered, coming up with his own direction.

I unzipped my jacket and moved on. Boy, did I feel professional.


  1. no i really want to know what the original question and modified and his attempt at answering! :)