Mile High Class

My dad and spent last night searching priceline for a cheap(ish) hotel right in downtown of Nuggets' city.

We ended up selecting Magnolia, and while we have to pay for parking overnight, it has been an overall wonderful experience.

After spending way more time traveling than we needed to, so we got a little sidetracked in the middle of nowhere, we arrived at our destination about two hours later than planned.

The hotel lobby looked promising, and the doorman was friendly. The room featured two queen beds with real bedspreads and velvet pillows, and a bathroom that contained shampoo, condition, lotion, bath wash, makeup remover, and two bars of soap. And there were robes in the closet.

Based on the recommendation of the clerk, Pops and I set our for a classy restaurant that was suitable for the average person.

Our appetizer was hummus (served in a tumbler) with three types of cracker-like bread products (set in a cloth napkin), and pickled olives (just plain delicious).

Overall, the food was delicious and beautifully presented, the staff was wonderful, and the restaurant itself was beautful. Fun and colorful with funky light fixtures and rich colors.

We returned to the hotel for milk and cookies. Chocolate or strawberry milk, and three types of cookies. They were served in a room featuring 13 types of seating implements, a large water feature, and a billiards table.

Basically I feel like a classier person than I was when the day started.

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