Lessons Learned

Today I drove through three states over the course of about eleven hours. It was pretty awesome. Here's some of the fun that the day included:
  • driving over a cattle guard on a freeway off ramp
  • crossing four mountain passes, but not actually seeing snow on the ground
  • eating amazingly large quantities of BBQ for dinner
  • my car used 17.5% of the gas a Hummer would have since leaving home
  • gas costs the same amount everywhere in Big Sky country
  • rest stops are few and far between in Big Sky country
  • you can listen to a lot of music in eleven hours
  • oops...i forgot my cell phone charger (that's going to work out well)
So that's all I could come up with. There was more, but I can't remember now. My brain is slightly tired. On that note...g'night.

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