As I mentioned recently, maybe a week or two ago, I am playing organized basketball again.

And while the start of my post-retirement career was rather rough. Today, I made a break through.

In the previous two weeks I probably shot about 15% from the floor. No one needed to guard me past 10 feet from the basket, because I wasn't going to make it anyways.

Though, my long range is nowhere near back to where it once was, my shooting percentage tonight was somewhat improved. And I managed to score 8 points, which is a pretty big deal for me.

And I won the game. Sorta.

We went up about 12 points in the first half, thanks to some absolutely amazing shooting from one of our guards.

After she came out we managed to blow the lead and the rest of the game was close, very close. So close, in fact, that it went into overtime.

2:00 minute, running clock overtime. I was fouled on the arm, and it was in the bonus. One and one.

I made the first, the clock continues to run down. I made the second. Mind you, I had been 0-for-6 since in regulation.

They weren't able to get a shot off and we won. VICTORY!!!

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